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Track student progress from our dashboard and sit back. Export Export grades to Excel when they're done.

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Use R/Python/SQL in your class knowing your students have a strong foundation to learn your curriculum.

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Complement your theory with our industry skill, and increase your students' employability.

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There's no paperwork: Leada's courses are purchased individually, just like textbooks. It's also at a fraction of the price.

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You monitor their progresses and export them to Excel for an easy grade integration.

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Leada's online courses represent the state of the art in online education. They are engaging, fun, and effective. They teach at the student's pace, in a place and time of the student's choosing.
I recommend them highly.

-Don Moore, Professor of Haas, UC Berkeley

The Leada courses are really effective in helping my MBA students master the basics of working with data, enabling them to take on far more complex data-driven projects.

-Vijay Mehrotra, Professor of Business Analytics, USF

Out of the many different online resources I have found, Leada was probably one of the most useful in terms of actually learning something on a scheduled basis. It's difficult learning new things on your own completely unguided, which is why Leada was so practical and so valuable.

-Michael Cai, Student at NYU

Leada provided me with a comfortable and engaging environment for learning a new programming language. Not only am I now more confident navigating and scripting in R, but I have immediately used what I have learned from Leada in my professional life.

-Patrick Doyle, Student MBA at Notre Dame