About Us

We started Leada (pronounced LeeDa) because we believe statistics, programming, and business acumen are essential to everyone.

The Founding Team

Brian Liou / CEO

Brian graduated with dual degrees in Business and Statistics with an emphasis in Computer Science at UC Berkeley. His entrepreneurial aspirations first began in junior high, when he started a small business painting house addresses on curbs.

Tristan Tao / CTO

Tristan has lived in 3 different countries for 6+ years each. With degrees in Computer Science and Statistics from UC Berkeley, he has ventured into Engineering, Finance/Trading, and PreMed. He is also an avid motorcyclist, and he plans to begin racing.

Board of Advisors

Aditya Guntuboyina
Professor of Statistics, UC Berkeley
Prasanna Tambe
Professor of Information, Operations and Management Sciences, NYU
Greg Lamp
CTO, Yhat
Wayne Lee
Quantitative Researcher, The Climate Corporation
Philip Stark
Professor and Chair of Statistics, UC Berkeley