Intro to Web Scraping in Python

Course Content

  • HTML Parsing Intro
  • Python Basics
  • Web scraping Intro
  • Statricks Project

Who This Course is For

For programmers with basic experience in python and a basic understanding of how to use terminal.

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Student Success

Kevin's testimonial for Web Scraping in Python
"I've taken courses with General Assembly, Thinkful, Codecademy, and countless others but Leada's Web Scraping course was one of the most rewarding classes out of the bunch. I thought the price was extremely reasonable for the quality of the content as well as the personalized attention I got from my instructor multiple days a week. Whenever I had any questions or got stuck, an instructor was available to chat real-time or responded to my e-mails almost immediately. The curriculum itself was very high quality and I always felt a sense of progression every time I completed a section of the course. Additionally, I loved the real world project that I was assigned to complete as it demonstrated the practicality of the course and allowed me to feel like I could immediately start scraping information I needed for personal projects that I've been working on. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested!"
Kevin Lee, Senior Product Manager, Kabam


Html tutorial

HTML Parsing Basics

Estimated Time 02:00

You'll be given an introduction to HTML concepts. The goal of the tutorial is to get you familiar with selecting html elements. This tutorial is focused on giving you the basic understanding of html and element selection.


Introduction to Python

Estimated Time 04:07

This tutorial will teach you the basics of Python and object oriented programming

Webscraping tutorial

Web Scraping Introduction 2.0

Estimated Time 04:34

You'll be introduced to web scraping basics. We'll take a look at requesting a web page HTML source, extracting links, crawling search results, and more.


Webscraping project

Statricks Project


A project sponsored by Statricks, an e-Commerce analytics company. You will build a web scraper using the Beautiful Soup library to extract listing information and perform data collection.