R Bootcamp

Course Content

  • Introduction to R
  • Data Wrangling: Advanced Matching and Regular Expressions
  • Data Wrangling: Matching and De-duplicating
  • Programming in R
  • Delivery Data Problem Set

Who This Course is For

For completely new programmers and enthusiastic learners who are looking for a comprehensive R tutorial.

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Student Success

Michael's testimonial for Intro to Machine Learning
"Out of the many different online resources I have found, Leada was probably one of the most useful in terms of actually learning something on a scheduled basis. It’s difficult learning new things on your own completely unguided, which is why Leada was so practical and so valuable. The personalized instruction was definitely the biggest sell for me, as often times before Leada I would get stuck with questions that I would waste hours trying to find the answers for. Even though the price tag may seem a bit high for an online resource (especially given the fact that I’m a student and have yet to start making a regular income), the time invested by the Leada teachers and the quality of the course material make it worth it."
Michael Cai, Student at NYU


Intro to r

An Introduction to R

Estimated Time 02:39

This tutorial is for complete beginners to R. We will cover installation, basic usage, common functions, data structures, and data types in R. We'll also set you up with your own development environment in RStudio.

Matching and deduplicating

Data Wrangling Skills: Matching and De-duplicating

Estimated Time 02:32

This tutorial will teach you how to perform basic data cleaning and data matching processes in R.

Indicator variables

Data Wrangling: Advanced Matching, Regular Expressions, and Indicator Variables

Estimated Time 02:27

This tutorial will teach you how to perform advanced data matching, introduce regular expressions, and create indicator variables

Terminal basics

Programming Concepts in R

Estimated Time 02:48

This tutorial will teach you basic programming concepts using the R language, as well as some specific skills in R programming.

Practice Problems

Matching and deduplicating

Delivery Data Problem Set

Estimated Time 03:31

Given this new dataset you are tasked with finding metrics and insights.