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By educating your business professionals with Leada's online data training program.

Free Your Data Team

Reliance on the data team causes costly delays in decision making.

Analysis that drives business value stops while repetitive tasks deleverage your data scientists. Data pulls are not a two persons task, and should take one person one hour instead of two people one week.

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"[...] Leada's training has enabled our Ops and Finance teams to access more of the data and become more self sufficient. As a result, our analytics team can spend less time training others how to access the data and more time focused on the analysis that will move our business."
- Peter F, VP of Analytics, Zenefits



Guaranteed ROI via Performance Based Billing

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We're confident about our training. That's why you only pay for seats after we've verified that the training worked.

Our Completion Rate Is



compared to free online resources

Our Students Experience

~3 hours


on data pulls each week

Our Analysts Get Data

~4.5 days


compared to prior to the training

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