Current Course Offerings

Leada's current courses are targeted for non-technical professionals to beginner programmers.

Stay tuned for more advanced topics!

Course Structure

You have instructor support for 4 weeks starting the day you pay for the course.

Go through the course content at your own pace, but we have a guided path of around 2 lessons per week.

If you have any questions your assigned instructor is always available via e-mail and is guaranteed to respond within 24 hours.

Course Style

No lectures, no videos. Learn with code and through code. We set you up and teach you in your own environment so you have the power to code on your own.

Lessons assigned weekly teach concepts needed for the project and include quizzes which require problem solving and actual understanding.

The course culminates in the industry project where you apply the concepts you learned, write lots of code, and create a presentation of your work for your portfolio.

Macbook pro

Online Classroom

Help When You Need It

Instructor support for code review, bugs, or cats stuck in a tree, always within 24 hours.

Community Chat Room

During class times, chat online with your peers to ask questions, provide help, and learn from others.

Certification & Portfolio

Receive a certification from Leada and a sharing link upon completion of the course if you are the top dog.