The Data Analytics Handbook

A free handbook series released by Leada to help promote data analytics literacy.

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An in-depth look at the data science industry

Interviews with data scientists, data analysts, CEOs, managers, and researchers at the cutting edge of the data science industry.

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Interviews from Every Perspective

Data Scientists & Data Analysts Edition

  • Josh Wills
    Senior Dir. of Data Science, Cloudera
  • Abe Cabangbang
    Data Scientist, LinkedIn
  • Ben Bregman
    Product Analyst, Facebook
  • Leon RudyaK
    Data Analyst, Yelp
  • Peter Harrington
    Chief Data Scientist, HG Data
  • John Yeung
    Data Analyst, Flurry
  • Santiago Cortes
    Data Analyst, HG Data

CEOs & Managers Edition

  • Derek Steer
    CEO, Mode Analytics
  • Dean Abbott
    Founder, Smarter Remarketer Inc.
  • Tom Wheeler
    Senior Curriculum Director, Cloudera
  • Mike Olson
    Founder, Cloudera
  • Rohan Deuskar
    CEO, Stylitics
  • Mary Gordon
    Director of Insights and Analytics, Flurry
  • Greg Lamp
    CTO, Y-Hat
  • Ali Syed
    CEO, Persontyle
  • Dave Gerster
    VP of Data Science, BigML

Researchers & Academics Edition

  • Hal Varian
    Chief Economist, Google
  • Prasanna Tambe
    Professor, NYU Stern School of Business
  • Gregory Piatetsky
    Founder, KDD Nuggets
  • Michael Chui
    Partner, McKinsey Global Institute
  • Jimmy Retzlaff
    Professor, UC Berkeley I-School
  • Tim Piatenko
    Chief Data Scientist,
  • David Smith
    Chief Community Officer, Revolution
  • Tom Davenport
    Professor, Babson College

Big Data Edition

  • Michael Jordan
    Distinguished EECS Professor, UC Berkeley
  • Chul Lee
    Head of Data Engineering, MyFitnessPal
  • John Akred
    Founder & CTO, Silicon Valley Data Science
  • Matt McManus
    VP of Engineering, Datameer
  • John Schuster
    VP of Engineering, Platfora
  • Tom Davenport
    Professor, Babson College

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