An Introduction to R

This tutorial is for complete beginners to R. We will cover installation, basic usage, common functions, data structures, and data types in R. We'll also set you up with your own development environment in RStudio.

Current Estimated Average Completion Time:02:39

Introducing R

Here we will cover installing R & RStudio and how to get started working with data

  • Introducing R

Basic Functionality in R

Here we will go over data types in R and common functions to view data

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    Data Types in R
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    Common Functions in R

Data Structures in R

Here we will cover three main data structures in R as well as how to index them

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    Vectors in R
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    Matrices in R
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    Data Frames in R

Basic Visualization in R

Here we will create a basic visualization in R.

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    Visualizing Data in R