Facebook Message Analysis

This is a FREE intro project to Leada! Let's see what kind of insight we can get from analyzing our messaging behavior.

Current Estimated Average Completion Time:02:37

Facebook Analysis Game Plan

What Facebook data? Why do I need to analyze it?

  • 1 submission

    Why and How?
  • 3 submissions

    Manual Exploration
  • 1 submission

    Package Requirements

Python / Terminal Crash Course

If you're new to Python/Terminal, this is your stop! Get introduced to them here.

  • Installing Python 2.7.X
  • Using Terminal
  • 1 submission

    UNIX commands
  • 2 submissions

    Using a Text Editor

Quick Analysis

We'll do a relatively quick analysis to poke at the data.

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    Friends Message Frequency
  • Top Friends!

Friends Over Time

We'll now analyze the friends over time trend. This is the interesting part!

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    Friends Over Time (ggplots)
  • plotly

Wrapping Up

We'll look back and see what we did.

  • Final Combination