Product Manager at Amazon


Cheng C

How long have you been working there?

3 months

What is your educational background?

Finance & Accounting at the University of Washington

What challenges did you face in your job before you had an understanding of SQL?

Our company grew very quickly and there wasn't a central repository to get knowledge. The result of that is it's hard to find the right information and even harder to find the right people who know that information. A lot of the time you have to do it yourself or it won't happen.

As a new product manager there was a bunch of information I needed to know about certain payment flows and types of volume by geography that I felt powerless to know without SQL.

How did SQL training help you in your day-to-day work?

Leada's training enabled me to ramp up faster because I could now explore our tables and create automated reports that give me snapshots of product features I wanted.

I have a lot of automated reports that give me information where before I was completely blind. In terms of impact that's 0 to 100. The old process would have been me waiting for the data team to help and even then I would have to get a bunch of terms from one table, paste it into excel, and then match the rows. SQL is just a lot more powerful than Excel.

How much time does knowing SQL save you?

It's tough to estimate because before I would get no resources, I just wouldn't be able to do it. I would wait in line and it just wouldn't happen most of the time.

How does SQL skill help you in your role?

I can make better product decisions period. I measure what's most important. Then optimize the metrics that are the most important. A lot of times product managers have a strategic view on what's important, but if you want to prioritize multiple strategic outcomes you need to measure.